Golaine Imparelibris

Intended for small children learning to read, Pimpa in Friulian is a project of the Istitût e Lenghe.net in collaboration with the Franco Cosimo Panini publishers and with Quipos. There are four books in this collection - conceived and illustrated by Altan and translated into Friulian by Anna Bogaro and William Cisilino: Pimpa e lis robis, on every day items; Pimpa e i colôrs on the colours; Pimpa e i numars on numbers; and Pimpa e je in vore where the polka-dot puppy learns what a variety of different objects are for.

For informations on where to find these publications, write to: istitutladinfurlan@libero.it


“Pimpa e i colôrs”, ILF 2008


“Pimpa e lis robis”, ILF 2008


“Pimpa e je in vore”, ILF 2009


“Pimpa e i numars”, ILF 2009


A journey into the heart of the children

Collection of stories in Friulian language translated into Italian

Franca Mainardis Petris


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