The Istitût Ladin Furlan "Pre Checo Placerean" is a cultural association founded in Codroipo in 1988 to lend a new spirit to the promotion of the Friulian language and culture.

Its purposes are: the scientific study of the Friulian language, history and culture; to advance the Friulian language, in particular through publishing, mass-media, literacy courses and cultural exhibitions; to foster appreciation for Friulian traditions and art; to promote relations with other minorities, in particular, ladinian communities in the Dolomites and in Switzerland.

The association has had its headquarters at the "Casa Turoldo" in Coder di Sedean/Coderno di Sedegliano (Ud) since 2000. It has been recognised by the Region as a cultural organisation of regional importance since in 2001, and as an institution of fundamental importance to the promotion of the Friulian language since 2006.