Over the years, the Istitût has published many scientific and literary works on the Friulian language and culture. In addition, it publishes two very popular book series: the "Golaine di studis sul autonomisim" and the "Golaine Imparelibris" featuring PIMPA by Altan.

Fieste de Patrie

For many years, the Istitût has organised the "Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl" in collaboration with the Provinces of Udine and Pordenone, the Region of Friuli V.G., Friulian diocese, the University of Udine and the Regional Scholastic Office.


A festival begun in 2002, "Puints" promotes the Friulian language, identity and autonomy through meetings, articles and shows.


From its outset, the Istitût has worked to strengthen relations with other linguistic minorities in Europe and, above all, with other Ladin peoples.

School and lexicography

Since the early 90s, the association has organised Friulian language courses and research in the field of specialised vocabulary.