Studi sul autonomisim

The Istitût publishes a "Golaine di studis sul autonomisim" (Book series of studies on autonomism) edited by Gianfranco Ellero and Geremia Gomboso, dedicated to the most important personalities of the Friulian autonomist movement. Volumes published so far have been dedicated to: Fausto Schiavi, Gino Di Caporiacco, Tiziano Tessitori, Arnaldo Baracetti, don Francesco Placereani, Nelso Tracanelli, don Giuseppe Marchetti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, mons. Luigi Faidutti, Giuseppe Gentilli and Faustino Barbina. Also a part of this book series is the "Dizionario autonomistico friulano" (Autonomist Friulian Dictionary).

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1 - I 1700 giorni di Fausto Schiavi (The 1700 Days of Fausto Schiavi)

Scritti e discorsi 1967-1971, ILF 2002

(Writings and speeches 1967-1971)

Published on occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of Fausto Schiavi (Pontebba 1928 - Udine 1972), main exponent of Friulian autonomism, regional councillor and charismatic president of the Movimento Friuli from '67 to '72. Particularly memorable were his speeches on the "Friulian Question" in the regional council.

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2 - Dalla Regione mai nata alla Regione mal nata (From The Unborn Region to The Region Born Badly)

Saggi di Gino Di Caporiacco sul Friuli e sulla Venezia Giulia, ILF 2002

(Essays by Gino Di Caporiacco on Friuli and Venezia Giulia)

This book contains a collection of writings by Gino Di Caporiacco (Udine 1932 - 2001) on the question of the "forced marriage" between Friuli and Venezia Giulia. Autonomist, regional councillor, and, more than once, city counsellor of Udine, Di Caporiacco wrote a wealth of books and articles in the local press.

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3 - Autonomia per il Friuli 1945-1964 (Autonomy for Friuli 1945-1964)

Scritti e discorsi di Tiziano Tessitori, ILF 2003

(Writings and speeches by Tiziano Tessitori)

Lawyer, journalist, unionist, deputy of the Constitutional Assembly, senator, under-secretary, minister of the Republic, historian... Tiziano Tessitori (Sedegliano 1895 - Udine 1973) is considered to be one of the fathers of Friuliano autonomism of the post-World War Two period and, together with Marchetti, one of the most important figures of 20th century Friuli.

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4 - Simpri pal Friûl e la sò int 1976-2003 (Ever for Friuli and its people 1976-2003)

Scrits e discors di Arnalt Baracêt, ILF 2003

(Writings and speeches by Arnalt Baracêt)

More than a book, this is an archive containing everything said by and about Arnaldo Baracetti (Codroipo 1931). First a regional councillor and then at parliament, Baracetti fought for official recognition of the Friulian language  for the  institution of the University of Friuli.

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5 - Une lenghe, un popul, une glesie, la nestre storie (One language, one people, one church, our history)

Scrits e discors di Pre Checo Placerean, ILF 2003

(Writings and speeches by Pre Checo Placerean)

Don Francesco Placereani (Montenârs 1920 - Udine 1986), key figure in the Friulian autonomist movement, was one of the founders of "Int Furlane" and the "Moviment Friûl". He also inspired the "Movement of the clergy for the social development of Friuli" and, together with don Antonio Bellina (pre Antoni Beline), translated the Bible into Friulian.


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6 - Del Friuli storico, per il ritorno di San Michele al Tagliamento (On Historic Friuli, For the Return of San Michele al Tagliamento)

Scrits e pinsîrs di Nelso Tracanelli, ILF 2004

(Writings and ideas by Nelso Tracanelli)

From an administrative point of view, San Michele al Tagliamento is part of Veneto, even though it is historically and linguistically a Friulian town. Poet and writer Nelso Tracanelli (San Michele al T. 1934 - 2002) spent his entire life fighting to bring the "Mandament di Puart" back to the "Patria" of Friuli.

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7 - Lingua poesia e autonomia 1941-1949 (Language, Poetry and Autonomy 1941-1949)

Il Friuli autonomo di Pasolini, ILF 2004

(Autonomous Friuli of Pasolini)

In addition to his fervent literary activity during in his "Friuli years", Pier Paolo Pasolini (Bologna 1922 - Ostia 1975) was directly involved in the Friulian autonomist movement that arose after the Second World War. This is well testified by writings by and large unknown to the public.

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8 - Autonomia per il Friuli orientale 1891-1918 (Autonomy for Eastern Friuli 1891-1918)

L'autonomismo di Luigi Faidutti, ILF 2005

(The autonomism of Luigi Faidutti)

Luigi Faidutti (San Leonardo 1861 - Kaliningrad 1931) was a priest and ante litteram autonomist elected in 1907 as a deputy in Vienna from the County of Gorizia and Gradisca. In 1918, he lead the political battle for Friulian self-determination in the new Austria together with Giuseppe Bugatto. For this reason he was exiled, never to return to Friuli again.


9 - L'autonomia culturale di Giuseppe Marchetti, 1946-1949 (The Cultural Autonomy of Giuseppe Marchetti, 1946-1949)

La "Patrie dal Friûl" di pre Bepo Marchet, ILF 2005

(The "Patrie dal Friûl" by pre Bepo Marchet)

Giuseppe Marchetti (Gemona 1902 - Udine 1966) was one of the most important Friulian personalities of the 20th century. Priest, teacher, linguist, writer, historian and art critic, he founded the Friulian language weekly "Patrie dal Friûl" together with Felix Marchi in 1946. This book is a collection of political writings published in the magazine.

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10 - DAF. Dizionario autonomistico friulano (Autonomist Friulian Dictionary), ILF 2007

"This dictionary has been designed and compiled for two complementary purposes: to highlight, in brief articles, all of the unifying factors of the region of Friuli, and to map the internal differences produced by long-term factors." (from the foreword by Gianfranco Ellero, editor of the DAF)

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11 - L'Università friulana di Joseph Gentilli 1965/66 (The Friulian University of Joseph Gentilli 1965/66)

Due saggi di pianificazione universitaria, ILF 2007

(Two pieces on university planning)

A series of articles by Giuseppe Gentilli (S. Daniele 1912 - Perth 2000), published in the chamber of commerce of Udine's magazine between 1965 and 1966, theorised and demonstrated the advantages of establishing a university in Udine for the first time. His prophetic writings have been reprinted on occasion of the Friulian university's thirtieth anniversary.

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12 - Dalla Regione friulana alla Regione triestina 1949-1962 (From the Region of Friuli to the Region of Trieste 1949-1962)

16 articoli di Faustino Barbina, ILF 2008

(16 articles by Faustino Barbina)

Faustino Barbina (Mortegliano 1900 - Udine 1982) was first a partisan of the Osoppo units (deported to Dachau) and then a deputy from 1948 to 1953 for the Democratic Christian Party. Over the course of his political career, he remained a stalwart supporter of Friulian autonomy and the recognition of Udine as the region's capital.


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