Other publications

In addition to book series, the association has published or collaborated in the publication of a number of volumes on education, lexicography, poetry and fiction.

For informations on where to find these publications, write to: istitutladinfurlan@libero.it 



Un viaç tal cûr dai fruts

Racuelte di contis par furlan voltadis par talian by Franca Mainardis, ILF 2008

"More than a book of stories, this is a story about life." Thus is this children's book described in the foreword by Rosalba Perini. The volume is enriched with illustrations by Flavia Caffi.


Un bosc cence colôrs

by Franca Mainardis (conte par fruts), ILF 2003

A lovely story for children with illustrations by Flavia Caffi to expose younger readers to the Friulian language.


Une introduzion ae analisi matematiche

by Matteo Fogale and Emanuele Paolini, cuntune jentrade di Sergio Cecotti, ILF 2001

This one-of-a-kind book in Friulian takes a synthetic approach to the main topics in a course of mathematical analysis for university students.


Bielscrivint (books + video)

by Dorino Minigutti and Silvana Fachin Schiavi, ILF 1995

An imaginary voyage into the world Friulian writing. Promoted in collaboration with the University of Udine, it became one of the first multimedia instruments for Friulian-Italian bilingual education.





Telâr di storie dal Friûl

by pre Checo Placerean, ILF 1996

A simple, straightforward book - in keeping with the author's style - on the main events in the history of Friuli. Written by one of the great thinkers of Friulian autonomism, this book offers a unique and comprehensive look at the subject.


L'ereditât di pre Checo Placerean

ats de cunvigne, Comun di Montenars 1996

What remains of the teachings of Pre Checo? Ten years after the death of the great Friulianist, a convention held in Montenârs with the participation of scholars and writers attempted to make a first evaluation.





Animâi nostrans e forescj

by Lionello Baruzzini and Angelo M. Pittana, ILF 2001

An extraordinary dictionary for learning the names of the animals in Friulian, which includes the scientific names in Latin and Italian. The book also contains a large number of photos and other curiosities.


Plantis nostranis e forestis

by Lionello Baruzzini and Angelo M. Pittana, Chiandetti 2000

An instrument for practical use enriched by many photographs for learning the names of plants in Friulian, with the names in Latin and Italian as well. The book has information on the use of plants in Friulian tradition.


Dizionari dai sports olimpics

(Sports Olympics Dictionary)

by Gotart Mitri, Chiandetti 1999

Published on occasion of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, this dictionary describes all of the disciplines and terms of various sports in Friulian with Italian and English translations.


La nomencladure des matematichis

by A. Pittana, G. Mitri, L. De Clara, ILF 1997

The first dictionary to offer an organic discussion of mathematical terminology in Friulian. The book lists all the various principal mathematical terms by category with entries in Friulian, Italian and English.



Popular traditions


Spjeli de anime furlane

Anthology on the Friulian oral tradition of Achille Tellini, ILF 2006

Achille Tellini (1866-1938), naturalist, geologist, folklorist, Esperantist, writer, educator and avid collector of documents on Friulian culture and tradition, in addition to author of "Tesaur de lenghe friuliane" from which these texts on the Friulian oral tradition have been extrapolated to be printed for the first time.


Sfueis - II volum

Memory and historical studies, City of Sedean e ILF 2005

A voyage to a Friuli that is no more through the "sueis", the ponds which once characterized many Friulian towns. The second volume includes a series of in-depth studies on the technical, social, linguistic and historical aspects that revolved around the use of water in Friulian tradition.


Sfueis - I volum

Memory and Images, City of Sedean e ILF 2005

A voyage in a Friuli that is no more through the "sueis", the ponds which characterized many Friulian towns. The first volume provides a reconstruction of the principal ponds thanks to paintings by artist Otto D'Angelo and descriptions of the environment and the society of the times.



Poetry and Fiction


Amôr cence confin

by Giacomina De Michieli, Campanotto 2004

"A sense of belonging to one's own land, honesty, a culture of labour, the will to meet life's problems head on, a strong tie to the traditions of the forefathers: this literary work by Giacomina De Michieli lacks for none of the elements that characterise the Friulian way of life." (From the foreword by William Cisilino)


Il timp al à alis

by Agnul di Spere, ILF 2001

The penultimate collection of lyrics by one of the great Friulian poets: Agnul Di Spere, born Angelo Pittana (1930-2005). Poems are translated into other Ladin languages by Lois Craffonara (Ladin), Jean-Jacques Furer and Franz Monn (Romansh) and into English by John R.L. Johnson.


Impressions, visions

by Agnul di Spere, ILF 1997

One of the most beautiful books by poet Agnul Di Spere, born Angelo Pittana (1930-2005), with a translation in French by Jean-Jacques Furer.


Cerclis ta l'aghe

by Franca Mainardis, ILF 1996

The inner path of a modern-day poetess who recounts her world, her being, her land. A voyage into the emotions and confessions of an author who has received numerous literary recognitions.


Soreli/Soleil (antologjie)

di varis autôrs, ILF 1994

This is an interesting collection of Friulian poems by various authors translated into 9 different languages. A book which acquainted Europe with poetry from our homeland.