The Istitût publishes a "Book series of studies on autonomism". Volumes published so far have been dedicated to: Fausto Schiavi, Gino Di Caporiacco, Tiziano Tessitori, Arnaldo Baracetti, don Francesco Placereani, Nelso Tracanelli, don Giuseppe Marchetti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, mons. Luigi Faidutti, Giuseppe Gentilli, Faustino Barbina, Luigi Ciceri, Luigi De Biasio and Chino Ermacora.. Also a part of this book series is the "Autonomist Friulian Dictionary.

There are four books in this collection - conceived and illustrated by Altan and translated into Friulian by Anna Bogaro and William Cisilino: Pimpa e lis robis, on every day items; Pimpa e i colôrs on the colours; Pimpa e i numars on numbers; and Pimpa e je in vore where the polka-dot puppy learns what a variety of different objects are for.


In addition to book series, the association has published or collaborated in the publication of a number of volumes on education, lexicography, poetry and fiction.