The Imperial Bill

On April the third ten seventy-seven in Pavia Emperor Henry IV decreed the birth of the Land of Friuli to reward Patriarch Sigeardo's loyalty  for siding with the Emperor in the civil war against him. The patriarchal support had been essential for him to reassert his power particularly so by an old friend who had been his Chancellor for many years. The constitutional document of the Land of Friuli is the Diploma de Re di Germania Enrico IV di Franconia presented here in its original complete form. 


In the name of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity. We Henry, King for divine mercy, following the examples of our fathers with their utmost integrity in faith, who with their own properties built churches to God, and once built enriched them both with their own possessions and with what came from royal revenues, having we spent the days of our youth in health and honesty, so that our mature days can be of peace and joy, we wish to continue similar initiatives with zeal. That is why we wish to announce to all the subjects of Christ and ours, to both those of today and of the future, that for the salvation of our soul and for the intervention of our most excellent mother and empress Agnese, of our spouse and queen Berta and  of other faithful subjects, namely the Archbishop of Milan Teodaldo, of Ravenna Viperto, and also on request of our very dear Chancellor, Gregorio Bishop of Vercelli, Bucardo Bishop of Losanna, Eppone Bishop of Cizaniense, Bennone Bishop of Osnaburgense,  Duke Luitoldo, Marquises Guglielmo, Azzone, Adalberto and for the faithful service of the Patriarch Sigeardo we donate and transfer to the afore mentioned Patriarch, to his successors and to the Church of Aquileia, the County of Friuli and the village of Lucinico, with all rights and benefices held by Count Ludovico in the same county and with all the prerogatives and privileges already of royal and ducal appurtenance, namely the convocation of public courts, the rights of provisions and each and every revenue linked to these and which could come in the future for whatever cause or reason. We order that no marquis, no count, no viscount or other person with whatever office in our reign dare deprive, bother, undermine the above mentioned church and our above mentioned faithful subject Patriarch Sigeardo and his successors in what has been donated and transferred.  If that should happen the offender will be punished with a fine of one hundred pounds in gold, half of which will be paid to our revenue chamber and half to the Church of Aquileia. And since this royal donation has to remain unaltered and undisputed, we order it be written on this paper with our seal impressed on it.


Mark of our Lord Henry IV, invincible King.


I, Gregorio Bishop of Vercelli and Chancellor in place of Istoldo Archbishop of Cologne and Archchancellor, certify.


Given the date 1077 since the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, fifteenth indiction, twentieth year since the appointment of Henry IV, twenty fourth of his reign.


Done with joy in Pavia. 

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